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Provinces of China

Mao Zedongs langer Schatten, die letzten ihrer Art

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chinese grain coupons comprehensive price catalogue

Chinese grain coupons comprehensive price catalogue: 6,00

Catalogue of Grain Coupons of Shanxi Province

Catalogue of Grain Coupons of Shanxi Province: 20,00

Chinese Grain Coupon Catalogue 1955-1997

Chinese Grain Coupon Catalogue 1955-1997: 10,00

Catalogue of Chinese Clothing Coupons

Catalogue of Chinese Clothing Coupons: 15,00

New Catalogue of Province Level Grain Coupons of the People's Republic of China

New Catalogue of Province Level Grain Coupons of the People's Republic of China: 15,00

Modern Collectibles: Ration Coupons

Modern Collectibles: Ration Coupons: 15,00




Order, Payment & Shipment


Orders will be processed after contacting me by email: holler.david (at) gmail.com



Payment can be done either by Paypal (the addess will be given after contacting)


by bank transfer to a German bank account with IBAN and BIC this should be free of charge from all countries within the EU


by bank transfer to a Chinese bank account.

Fees for money transfer should be paid by the buyer! (all bank details will be given after finalizing a purchase and agreeing on a payment method).



Shipping is after receiving the money transfer.

I use China Post registered airmail letter for 3,90 US $.

I only charge shipping ONCE for however many coupons you purchase!!!

Shipping usually takes up to two weeks. China Post is extremely reliable, never EVER anything disappeared so far!!!



I collect and deal Chinese and Tibetan coins, coupons and banknotes since year 2003, amongst others on ebay (tibetcoins, snowlandcoins), vendio (the shop is in work), delcampe and other platforms. I can insert the coupons you want on ebay to provide for security initially (that costs 10% more for ebay fees).